Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harvest Square Market

Here are some pictures from this past weekend at the Harvest Square Festival!!

I've been super busy the past couple of weeks which is why I haven't posted any updates on my blog!  Taking five senior level classes in school as well as my capstone class is quite a lot to handle.   However, the show went really well over the past weekend!  The Harvest Square Festival is always my most favorite show to do all year.  It was a little rainy in the morning, but the day just kept getting more and more beautiful.

Per your request, we are SO excited to announce we finally have another loofah soap scent!  And it's PEPPERMINT!!

Ger your bar here:

I've also redone the homepage on Revive's website!  Check that out after you've gotten your peppermint loofah soap and let me know how you think it looks :)

Have a reviving day!

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