Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gearing Up!

Wow I feel like I'm always on the go and never get a chance to slow down these days!  And with the start of a new semester coming up, I barely have time to sit and write this blog post, but I'm forcing myself to have a moment of peace and stillness because we all need that.

Since I have been hone from the beach, product has been in super overtime as I am getting ready for the school year to start and all of my fall craft shows!  Just the other day I put in a super long work day making products from 11 in the morning to past midnight.  That day I made around 50 lotions, 90 bars of soap, and another trial run of liquid soap. I am definitely getting this liquid soap thing down pat with each trial batch under the belt, but man, now I see why this is not a normal item handmade bath & body companies carry - holy molly at the amount of time and babysitting this stuff while it's 'cooking'!  It is like black and white compared to bar soap.

This is what my mom's kitchen looks like when I make soap.

Mixing up some 'Merica lotion!! 

Not only has been production been in high gear, my uncle and cousin were here visiting all the way from Texas!  So I took them to a waterfall in Roswell, GA called The Mill while they were here.

Here is some advice: Don;t climb on slippery wet rocks because you WILL fall down and get a gross bruise like the one I got! Luckily I didn't fall straight on my knee or anything. I was fine the next day, but it is sore!

We also went fishing while they were here!

My nephew Max just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day!!  He is 7 months old now.

And even after all of that, I decided to sell my Honda Civic and buy a NEW CARRRR!!!!
Okay well here is the real story: My brother-in-law got a new job and one of his benefits was a car.  So my sister was selling her car.  I had been secretly wanting a bigger car, but knew it probably wasn't the right time to buy one.  Okay well remember my last post on how the Lord always provides our heart's desires when it is the right time?!  Okay well He knew I wanted a new/bigger car and look!  He opened up the doors and paved the way for me to be able to purchase one.  He is GOOD yall!

And that's not even all that has happened this week!!!  (now that I look back, I am wondering how I managed to get all this stuff done without going into a stress break down or something awkward like that) So this past week I also went to look at a possible house I wanted to move into with two other girls from Kennesaw State University.  I was sort of nervous considering I haven't ever met the girl, but they were incredibly sweet and I knew that was where the Lord was wanting me at Kennesaw.  So guess what?!  I'm moving in TODAY!!!  Haha that's what I meant by forcing myself to have a moment of stillness today because I have like 100000000 other things I should be doing right now.

Yesterday I took my mom, sister, and little baby Max antique hunting for a new desk for my room.  While we were out, the Lord blessed me even MORE!!  For yall that know me, you know I love America (aka 'MERICA).  Look at what I found while out shopping,

Okay I had wanted a nice stitched flag for my room, but I knew they were going to be an investment (probably like a $60-75 investment), but I found this HUGE stitched flag buried somewhere in an antique store for $20!!!!

And I found these AWESOMEEEEEEE American Flag shoes at a thift store for only $2.88 yall!!!!!

Hate to cut this blog off short because there is even more great news, but my sister just called me because caterpillars have apparently taken over her garden (ans she hates bugs) so it's Caitlin to the rescue!!

Have a Reviving day!!


  1. Wow, Caitlin! You have been a busy girl! What a week. Congratulations on the new car - it will make carting around all the soap and product to markets and fairs soo much easier! PS - love the creamy look of the lotion ;)

  2. Girl, when you say "busy" -you mean BUSY! Love the flag, what a bargain. Nephews are the best,aren't they? I remember when mine were young. Nothin' like being an Auntie "spoil 'em and send 'em home"! Your lotion looks great, and where did you get those big ol' honkin' molds??? -I think I have "mold envy"! ;)

  3. I just love reading your blog. It's always cheery and optimistic and I love how your faith pours through. You have been busy but it's so rewarding too. Congrats on the new car! It will be so helpful for transporting all your fine goods!