Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey you guys!  Class started last Friday (8/17) and is well underway!  

This semester I will be taking....
Managerial Science
Marketing Science
Applied Statistical and Optimization Models for Business Statistics(OUCH)
American History since 1800
Theater Appreciation

It's going to be a tough one!  History and theater are my last two general ed classes, and then I will be taking all business courses after this semester! I'm totally excited about my marketing class... we have a semester long project of creating a marketing plan for a product and predicting outcomes of this campaign... well I'll get to create one for my actual business and actually use it!  It's exciting to me that I'm learning things I can take home and apply to my own business that day.

Anywhoooo, I'm in a little bit of a hurry to get to class (my class starts at 12 and it's 11:27!) But I thought I would post a little something about this semester!  You can see the giant flag hanging in my new room in the picture - it really does fill up a whole wall in my room; it's that BIG!

I will be participating in the Young Harris Art Fest this weekend, Aug 25-26, in Young Harris, GA!  I am sooo excited to bring Revive to North Georgia!  See ya there!

Caitlin :)

"Once a blacksmith becomes a Christian, he stays a blacksmith.  Instead of being a blacksmith to the glory of himself, he begins to be a blacksmith to the glory of God."

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