Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom Soaps

I have officially finished my first order of custom soaps!  A customer came to me asking if I could stamp other words into the soap after they saw my "Revive" stamped in.  I let them know I would have to order a custom stamp for them, but that would be no problem at all.  They ended up ordering 60 Blue Fir bars stamped with the words "The River House" to put in their vacation home.

The custom stamp I had made!

The stamp turned out great and the customer was so happy with the soaps!  

If you are interested in getting some custom soaps, please contact me for more information!  I would love to work with you and creating soaps for your vacation home, half bars with your initials for a wedding, corporate gifts with your company logo, and anything else you might have in mind. Not only can we customize the stamp, we can also customize scents and colors to match anything.

Have a Reviving day!


  1. Looks great we've been doing a lot of custom orders as well. Love the stamp and the blue in soap is lovely.


  2. Hi Caitlin -I just posted a pic of custom soaps on Facebook -must be somethin' in the air! Yours are FABULOUS, m'dear -I love the color & did a REALLY nice job on these. I bet the customer will be thrilled! :) ~Becky

  3. They look fabulous, I love how well the soap stamp came out! =)

  4. What a gorgeous soap! Love the color combo and it the swirls remind me of a river. Where do you order your custom soap stamps from? I would love to have one made and who ever made yours did an awesome job. The lettering is very clean and crisp. Beautiful!