Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

I just wanna say that our customers ROCK!  I held a Thanksgiving Weekend sale where some items were up to 40% off!  Thanks to our awesome customers, Revive had record breaking sales.  I took a few pictures of the madness/awesomeness of this sale!

The first night of sales..  There were SO many packages!  Imagine walking into the post office with all of these... Haha then I found out you can request pickup from USPS so I did that for the next couple of days.

It was a very long night of packaging orders!

The next day, my roommate Jenna came over to help me with more orders.  I was worried I wouldn't get them all done before finals so I was super excited when she said she wanted to help me.  Thanks Jenna!
(PS - I have somehow acquired another room in my gracious parent's house to use as my office/packaging/storage room for my business.  I'll have to post pictures of it when I finally finish moving everything in there and organizing it!  It's a wreck right now due to finals and me not being able to be there to clean it! PPS - if my mom is reading this, sorry about the mess!)

More orders the next day.

All packaged up and ready for the mail!

Revive had a little over 75 sales which brought in over $1000 worth of revenue.  Talk about a blessing to help pay for my schooling next semester and some much needed soap equipment!!  Due to so many orders, I basically sold out of EVERYTHING (which is awesome!)!! Good thing I didn't have a holiday show to do this year... I would not have had any products to bring!  However, now I know how much soap I need to have on hand before next year's Thanksgiving Weekend Sale... A lot more than I did this year - haha!!

Anywhooo, I have made more of my little soapies so now everything is back in stock except for the Cara Facial Bar so shop away!  There are only a couple more days to order before it's too late for Christmas shipping.  Soap is a great stocking stuffer!

Also, if you have ever used Abe's Market before, then you know about all of the eco-friendly products they offer on their website.  Did you know you can also purchase Revive products from Abe's?  Right now our Euphoria Soap and our Lavender Linen Spray are ON SALE at Abe's Market!  Abe's is also offering FREE SHIPPING to all customers!  Check out our products on Abe's Market at

Have a Reviving day!


  1. Wow!! I am so impressed and so pleased for you!!! We all need great friends like Jenna... and orders like those!! Good luck on finals! xo Jen

  2. Hard work pays off. Keep it up sweetheart!

  3. Shout out on the blog today! I'm going to be ordering more soon for gifts :)