Monday, December 26, 2011

Prices in 2012

Hey guys! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!  Did anyone get any cool stuff??

I am ready to get back to work on my new products so they will be ready to be released in 2012.  So many exciting things are happening for Revive!

Change is always good.  Unfortunately, Revive will be having to increase the price of our soaps in 2012.  With the increasing prices of shipping and the rising price of oils, the price increase was a must if I was planning on helping fund my schooling through Revive sales. However, the good news is that none of the other product prices will be changing - just the soaps!   The new pricing will be taking affect Jan. 1, 2012.

That means if you still want to get a bar at only $4, now is the time to buy! Abe's Market is also offering FREE shipping through the end of the year so it's a perfect time to stock up. Check out my Revive page on Abe's here:

Santa brought lots a presents!

Meet Tucker!  I was dogsitting him today for my friend, and he was helping me out all day in the soap shack!

Have a Reviving day!!

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