Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Products for 2012!

Okay everyone, get excited! (PS, I've had so much more time to blog since the semester ended for the holiday!)

Revive will be adding several new products in 2012!  I am so excited to announce them :)

1: Revive will be carrying a vanilla/lavender EO blend soap.  Let me just tell you, I wasn't so sure how I would like vanilla in a soap.  I like more of the clean scents.  However, most of my customers have been asking for a vanilla soap, even my roommate!  So I decided to try out several different blends and I have struck gold.  The recent soap batch I made (and I say this with all the humbleness in the world) is freaking AMAZING!  Oh my goodness, it has to be one of the best smelling soaps out of all 9 of the scents I make! Since vanilla EO reacts with oxygen and turns brown in soap, I did a brown and cream swirl.  The soap looks like a caramel-vanilla swirly thing of goodness!  I am waiting a couple more days to post pictures because the soap will get browner the longer it dries.  Seriously though, you are going to have to try this soap if you are a vanilla lover!  This soap will be called 'Sweetness'

2: Revive will also be carrying a signature loofah soap bar!  The color will be a turquoise color like in Revive's logo with a loofah.  This soap will also be the first round soap!  They will come packaged in cute little kraft boxes. The scent will be a blend of lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree EO. I was so nervous about using my new round mold, but the soap couldn't have turned out any better!  I better get to soaping so I can make plenty of bars before I add this loofah soap to my website because these babies are going to go fast!!

3: I am thinking about making a soap scented with a lavender and mint EO blend.  Not really sure on this one... may be added later on in 2012!  What do you guys think??

4:  Revive will be carrying TWO new linen sprays!  One will be our floral Euphoria in a spray.  Rose, sandalwood, and jasmine will fill your house with a spray of our new linen spray!  The other new linen spray will be the lavender/vanilla blend!  This one will be great for the little ones trying to fall asleep at night.  I have let my wholesalers know about the new products, and they are SO excited about the new linen sprays!

5: Revive's lotion line will be expanding.  I know I will be adding an unscented shea butter body cream.  My sister Megan is having a baby (actually, she could be having him any day now!) and she wanted me to make an unscented lotion for little Max.  I figured that other moms out there might also want an unscented lotion for their little one.  Sometimes essential oils are not so nice to younger skin.  Unscented lotion will keep you and your baby moisturized.

Alright everyone, what do you think about the new products?!  I am SO excited to post pictures later in the week of the new loofah soap and the new Sweetness soap!  Keep an eye out for my next blog post!

Also, if you are in the Hiram/Dallas, GA area, you can now find Revive products at Judy B. & Company!  They are located at 3606 Atlanta Highway, Dallas, GA 30141.  Stop on in and tell them you are shopping for Revive Bath & Body products!  It's a great way to get a few last-minute stocking stuffers without the worry if the package would arrive in the mail on time or not.

Have a Reviving day!
Merry Christmas & don't forget to remember the reason for the season!

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