Monday, March 14, 2011

North Carolina

Hey everyone!  Last week was my spring break so I was gone in North Carolina with a few friends!  We stayed in Charlotte, and wow, what a beautiful city!  We visited three malls, but the best one was South Park Mall.  We had tons of fun learning the culture there - They love Nascar!

My friend Jenna's uncle is a photographer (and who we stayed with!) and so we did a photo shoot with him one day!  Here are some pics from that.

From left: Lindsey, Jenna, Caitlin (me!), and Beka

If you are in the Charlotte area and need some pictures, check them out!

As for today, I officially started my new job at the local pet store!  Today was my 4th day, which I worked from 11 to 7!  Loooonnnngggg day but well worth it!  I love getting to play with animals all day :)

Have a Reviving day!

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