Friday, December 10, 2010

Moving forward.

As I look forward to the future and the start of a new year, there are so many things that must be done!

First, I want to trademark my business name and form an LLC before I go any further with Revive.  It's better to be safe than sorry!  Luckily, my dad works at a bank and can give me the rundown of starting a small business.  They can help me file my trademark and stuff.  Writing that just gets me so excited about the future of Revive!

I also have been looking at many online oil suppliers to see where I can get my oils a lot cheaper than retail price and at grocery store.  Wow was I overpaying!  Getting the oils cheaper will allow me to have a larger profit margin resulting in more money for college and my business!  With the numbers I came up with, wholesale looks a lot better than it did before.  Maybe after I get my LLC and trademark, I can start sending samples out with wholesale sheets, getting more buyers!

My 19th birthday was just in September, but to think that I'll be 20 years old in a few months in definitely scary.  20 years old... I cannot even fathom that! It was like yesterday when I turned 16 and got a car.  Now I'll own my own business by the time I'm 20. 

The future may scare you, but dive right into it!  Embrace it.  Love it.  Live it.  And give it all you got.  That is what I have been learning lately.


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  1. Caitlin, Good for you to have an interest, stick with it, and start your own little business. I, too, love homemade soaps. You advertised on my blog, that's how I found you. Happy New Year to you and good luck! ~karen