Thursday, April 25, 2013


This past weekend I participated in the Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA.  I look forward to doing this show each year because it is the one closest to me home, meaning most of my friends and family can come out and see what I've been up to.

One of the most exciting things at this show was that my new bath soaks and lotions were making their debut, and a good one at that!  I had to call my parents to tell them to bring more lotions and soaks because I underestimated how the new products would sell.

If there is one thing I love in life, its words and the true meaning of words.

Underestimated (Verb): To estimate (something) to be smaller or less important than it actually is; to regard (someone) as less capable than they really are.

When I look back at the past year of my life, I focus in on moments I underestimated not only myself, but things around me.  I looked at myself as someone not capable of overcoming things.  I looked at myself as someone not capable of doing the hard things.  I underestimated what the Lord calls me, as his daughter, and what he calls me to do.

I underestimated my ability to fly across the world to Australia, but I did that.

I underestimated my ability to snowboard, but I did that, poorly, but still did it :)

I underestimated my ability of ever riding a roller coaster, but I did that.

I underestimated my ability to forgive people, but I did that.

I underestimated that the Lord would provide everything I truly need, but He did that.

What I mean when I say 'provided everything I needed', I mean more than just food and a place to lay my head at night.  I mean that he gave me a purpose.  He gave me people in my life that show me unconditional love.  He gave me dreams.  He gave me life.

What have you been underestimating lately?

Caitlin Abshier
Hebrew Meaning: Pure & Loveable

This is what the Lord calls me.  He has never underestimated me.

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  1. Kaitlin,

    I wanted to let you know HOW MUCH YOU ENCOURAGE ME. Reading this today has almost made me cry. I could tell you I've felt the same way and at times I still do. Like this past week and even this morning. I am blessed because you have the words to express your love for My JESUS. He is such a Good GOD. You are right, what he says about you is SO ABSOLUTELY TRUE. because of the Tinacity Post and this post, You've given me the where with all to keep moving forward. No matter how slow I move, or how long it takes. I will have what GOD say's I can have. I too have a skin and hair care business. I have started over and oer again, losing my momentum. But this time........... I WILL NOT STOP OR TURN BACK OR GIVE UP. I'm reaching for MY STARS and my REWARD in JESUS. HE have it to me, its my portion.
    Blessed by your words. Everything looks Wonderful. So proud of you young woman of God.
    Ms. Cleo