Monday, March 25, 2013

Flight over to Australia

Since I've been back from Australia, my schedule has been NON-STOP!  That's why its taken me awhile to sit down and write a blog post.  There are 5 weeks left in the semester which means things are fixing to buckle down, professors are about to load on the work, and people are getting ready for summer.

Saturday morning I caught my flight out to Los Angeles, California at 8:15 in the morning.  I was so pumped!  This was my first adventure alone.  My first time flying for this long.  My first time on the west coast.

Upon arriving at LAX, I knew my flight to Australia was at 10:50 at night.  Faced with a 13 hour layover in the airport, I decided to get out and explore the city.  Being as touristy as I could, I Googled "Things to do in LA on your layover" and found an awesome city tour to go on.  The tour was 6 hours long and we got to explore everything in LA.  A few of the things I got to see were the Hollywood sign, drive down Rodeo Drive, and put my little toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Venice Beach

After the tour, I still had a couple more hours before my flight.  Once I boarded the plane, it was very easy to fall right asleep after take-off since our flight was so late at night.  The flight to Aussie was 14.5 hours about back ache!  I was so ready to get off that plane once we landed in the land down under.  Fortunately, no screaming babies!

My friend Lindsey also got to go to Australia for spring break.  We were both there for two weeks - just the right amount of time to really experience the culture and see the sites.  Lindsey and I were staying in the Baulkham Hills in Bella Vista, NSW.  We were about 45 minutes northwest of the city.  I thought that it was really neat not staying right in the city so we could really experience the genuine culture of Australia.

Finally reunited with Jordan!

This is a picture of the house Jordan lives in and where I got to stay during the trip!

Jordan and I - the house was huge!!

That's all I have time to post about this time, but I'll make sure to post more updates about my trip!!

Have a Reviving Day!

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