Saturday, February 23, 2013

Los Angeles, California

Hey everyone!  I posted the other day about how I was Australia bound!  Well I'm flying standby, and yesterday I tried to get on the flight without any success.  Soooo I flew out this morning of the Atlanta Airport at 8:10am and landed in the Los Angeles International Airport at 10am.  The flight to Australia isn't until 10:50pm, so I have a 13 hour layover!!!!!  WHAT.

So when I arrived at LAX, I looked online to see what I could do.  I decided to go on a LA City tour!  The tour lasted 6 hours, and I got to see almost all of the major sites in Los Angeles.  We visited Hollywood, Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive to name a few.  It was SO awesome getting to experience the different cultures between the east and west coast.  I also got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time EVER!!!

I still have 4 hours of layover left before I board the flight to Australia.  Here are some pictures from the tour today!

Some beautiful mountains that I flew over on the way to LAX.

Tiffany & Co - the site for the infamous Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Venice Beach, California! Hello West Coast!

Not really sure what these giant cone things were, but you are legally allowed to do graffiti on them.

Beverly Hills, California 

Hollywood Boulevard was closed because everyone is getting ready for the Oscars tomorrow night!

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive!
Luckily I wasn't spotted by the paparazzi ;)
We did see some really awesome and extremely expensive cars on Rodeo Drive - probably owned by some famous people.  Our tour guide told us that this one yellow car we passed was worth over $1 million!!

Hollywood Boulevard!!

If you are ever in LA or have a super long layover time like I did, I highly recommend the VIP Tours of California.  I went on the city tour of LA with this company, and for everything I got to see, it was an amazing deal.  Our tour guide was very informative, and I could definitely tell that he loved this city!

Wanna know something cool?!  When I fly over to Australia, I'll pass the international date change line, which means I'll leave today, 2/23, but I won't land in Oz until 2/25!  

Have you been to Australia or are from Australia?  I will be staying close to Sydney in New South Wales.  What are some touristy things you would recommend I do while I'm there?

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I'll post an update once I get over to Aussie!

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