Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's the BUSY season!

Our busy season is well underway with tons of our wholesale vendors stocking up on products in their stores, online orders coming in daily, and selling lots of soap at markets around town!  Not to mention also taking 15 hours of course work at school...there has been a lack of blogging due to a lack of time!

Here are a few pictures from some happening things since my last post :)

I joined Kappa Delta on Kennesaw State University's campus this fall!

I turned 21 on September 28!!!

I witnessed my first ever flash mob on campus in the business building!

Display at the Harvest Square Festival

Friends that came to my market :)

First batch of our holiday soap!  Pre-order a bar here:

I APPLIED TO THE AMAZING RACE!!!!!!!!!  Who know's, maybe you'll see me on TV soon!

Brooks, my Amazing Race partner!

New gift baskets!!

Whoah, wow, wheeee!!!  I've been a busy busy bee, but I love it so much.

Right now I am currently working on updating all of my items on so I will no longer be drop shipping orders, but shipping products to their warehouse for them to ship for me :)  I am also working on updating all of my items on my Etsy site because apparently I cannot state the known aromatherapy benefits of essential oils anymore...even though they are not medical claims.  Boy oh boy.

Both EcoDenizen and Love Street Gifts have placed orders this week, so make sure to stop in both of those stores to stock up on some Revive!

Also, if you are in the Smyrna, GA area, I will be selling products at the Fall Jonquil Festival this weekend October 27-28!  See ya'll there!

Have a reviving day!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself at school. What type of sorority did you join? I always have this idea that they are wild. Then I heard on some TV show that they have a lot of different sorority's for all walks of life etc.

    Happy Belated Birthday :) didn't realize you turned 21.

    Okay I didn't know that about Etsy. Did they notify you? I list benefits of oils I use and sometimes those include EO's. I better go look for this article.

  2. Looks like you've been having a blast! And I think your 'Merica gift basket is just so super cute. :)