Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Heart's Desires

Recently, the Lord has been revealing to me His power and glory and how He can fill the needs of encouragement, affirmation, and comfort like no man could ever do.  The Lord has seriously filled me with so much joy this summer.  This will be a summer I will never forget because of the things the Lord has taught me about myself and shown me about Him. When you walk with the Lord, you walk in supreme affirmation beyond anything we can even comprehend.

It's amazing to me because I have never felt the Lord's hand in my life this much.  I feel like I'm living my testimony out.

The Lord always provides the wants of our hearts when it is the right time.  Literally last week I was thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to be able to go to the beach one last time before fall semester of school started as well as my busy season with Revive.  I doubted it would be possible.  Almost two or three days after that, one of my friends asked me to go on a breach trip for free where I didn't have to pay a penny.  So I'm writing this blog post as I overlook the ocean.  What a blessing from the Lord, but also Him just telling me that He will provide things my heart desires when the timing is right.

Cape San Blas, Florida

I am incredibly and totally in awe of the Lord right now.

We have many craft shows coming up - our first show of the fall season is just 25 days away in Young Harris, GA! Check out our show schedule to see when and where we will be!



  1. What a lovely post, Caitlin! The Lord's timing is ALWAYS perfect, isn't it? I'm so glad that you're feeling His presence, love & that peace that surpasses human understanding...have a wonderful time at the beach. :) ~Becky

  2. What a wonderful post and I'm glad you are enjoying your time at the beach and learning so much from Him this summer. He is good :)


  3. what a great post Caitlin. The LORD is good and i am so happy for been here reading this post. Have a blessed summer.