Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY 'Merica Shorts

Can you believe that it is already July 1st?! Woah Momma!

Every year around this time, people seem to break out their patriotic wear here in America.  Maybe that is one reason why I was so inspired to make the 'Merica soap!  In honor of the holiday, my friend Jordan and I took on a Pinterest DIY project to create a pair of embellished American Flag shorts to wear this July 4th.

Here are the steps to creating these wonderful, trendy, American Flag shorts for July 4th!

Old pair of jeans
American flag bandanna
Fabric glue
Pinning needles (for some reason we thought safety pins would work the same, but I would definitely recommend using pins)
Needle & heavy duty thread

Jordan and I first hit up the thrift store to get an old pair of jeans which we then measured and cut.  I used a 3inch inseam, but I would probably measure out your favorite pair of shorts to see how long or short you want them.  Keep in mind that you will have to create a cuff at the end.

Next, cut a portion of the bandanna out almost to fit one side of the shorts.

You want to leave a little bit over so you can fold the bandanna under to create a nice seam when gluing/sewing.  The next step is to fold the fabric under and try to match it up to the jean seams.  Use your pinning needles to hold it into place.  When you are close to the top, make sure to cut out the place around the belt loops.  Also, try not to pin the jean pockets with your pinning needle or you may end up sewing your pockets shut!

Here comes the fabric glue!  Now you can skip this step if you want to go straight to the sewing part, but we highly recommend gluing the bandanna down as well as sewing it so the pants don't come apart in the washing machine. We started taking the pins off one by one and putting a small amount of fabric glue along the seam to glue the bandanna down.

After this step, take your needle and thread and sew around the edge of the bandanna for even more security.
**Make sure NOT to stitch the bottom of the pants!  When you go to create a cuff, you will be able to see the thread on the bottom of the shorts.  We did this and had to redo it!**

Take the same steps for the other side of the shorts, and whalla! A wonderful pair of 'Merica shorts!

If you decide to make a pair of these, I'd love to see them!  I am wanting to make more of these shorts with different fabrics.  You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest, so go crazy!

Have a Reviving day!


  1. So cool, it's Canada Dayhere and I'm about to go watch the fireworks. I'd love to do something like this next year. Have a great July 4th.


    1. Michelle,

      You can always use different fabric - I just made a pair with lace over the jean part which looks awesome!! I went back and got two other kinda of fabric - one that is pink with a white paisley print on it and the other is an 80s type fabric I got at a garage sale that I am hoping to make some shorts with. I'll post pictures!


  2. So cute! Don't you just love Pinterest? I can spend so much time there if I'm not careful...;)

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