Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Powder Springs Day Festival

WOW!!  I know I have not updated my blog in foreverrrr.  However, school is much to blame.  Taking 17 course hours, running a business, working a NEW job, doing two crafts shows a week apart.... it just ain't easy! So blogging has been on the back burner.

Here are some pictures from the past weekend.  We had a booth at the Powder Springs Day Festival - Awesome weather, great parade, good show.

We will be at the Harvest Square Festival in Marietta, GA on 10/15!!

I can tell that the holiday rush has already started... what has been one of your great sellers every holiday?  This year I've been selling my lavender linen spray and gift sets like hot cakes.  

Drum roll please!!!  I have always wanted to make lotion.  Well, little did I know that lotion is like TOTALLY different from making soap - so much new stuff to learn!  Well, about 4 months of research, I finally decided to dive in and make my first lotion.  I did a 10% shea butter recipe, and it is an AWESOME lotion if I do say so myself!  It has been in family testing as well as bacterial testing and so far, so good - the people seem to like it!  I just ordered over 500 new bottles for lotion - my supplier was having an awesome sale :)  (I think I've used the word awesome too many times for one post!) Hopefully when things slow down a little bit, I can design a new lotion label, and Revive's NEW lotion line will be available!!

Have a Reviving day!!



  1. Congrats on a great show! I sell tons of Peppermint soap during the holiday season. It's the only time I offer it. I've never done a linen spray before - sounds fabulous! And congrats on your lotion!!

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