Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Eucalyptus Soap!!

Funny story.  Ben and my dad decided that I didn't have a soap that smelled manly enough for them.  Soooo I got out my essential oils and let them get to work blending a more manly scent.  I have to say, the blend they created is not that bad.  I promised them that I would soap whatever blend they created, no matter what, but I think this one may be a keeper!

They decided they wanted to blend Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, and Litsea.  Earthy with a zest.  I like it.

I wanted the soap to be half green, half a creamy white color... well I didn't let the green soap sit long enough so it sorta did it's own in the mold swirl.  But it turned out beautiful if you ask me!

Beautiful soap right out of the mold.  I was anxious to cut it since the outside was green and I knew there was some other colored soap in there!

Yayyyy!!  Not quite what I expected but still looks good!

Cut & Stamped

Woo hoo!

I will have to see how the scent holds up after it cures.  If it goes well, you are looking at a brand-new Revive soap!

Anyways, I'm still working on making white soap.  For the one above, I used 1 tablespoon of titanium dioxide for  1.5lbs of soap (split a 3lb batch in half, part green, part white).  However, it's still not really white, just a lighter cream color.  It seems like the obvious solution would to be to add more TD, but whenever I add too much I get little white flecks in the soap.  I am using oil dispersible TD.  Any suggestions/tips from my fellow soapers on how to make really white soap?

Any July 4th plans?  I'm packing my bags right now and heading to Alabama.  Ben's grandparents have a lake house on Smith Lake.
Have a great 4th of July!



  1. Love it! I can already smell the eucalyptus! I have such terrible luck with titanium dioxide. I always get those white spots or streaks...

  2. Try using lighter oils in your soap recipe like Canola, Jojoba, etc.

    The soap looks great and I like the combination of essential oils.

    I had a fantastic Canada Day on July 1st and watched the fireworks show. Of course I got to bed at 1am and then had to get up early for my market early Saturday morning and now I'm at our Sunday market. Have a great July 4th.


  3. Beautiful looking and sounding soap! Try sifting TD to your oil to break up the little clumps, or add it to your melted shea butter making a TDpaste with a spatula, stirring it to a creamy consistency

  4. Thank you for the tips! Hopefully I will be bale to make a white soap next time... :)


  5. That is gorgeous soap and perfect the way it is! :)

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