Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soaps from England!!

OMG My sister just got back from Hertford, England, and guess what she got me!  Soaps!  Oh man, she knows what gets me!! :)

My sissy and I going to a Christmas play Dec. 2010 (Shes on the right, I'm on the left).

My sister traveled with my church to Hertford, England to host a Young Life Christian camp for the kids over there.  It is always so interesting hearing the different cultures.  She said while the USA grows corn, England grows lavender.  She said there are literally field after field of lavender plants.  

She also said they walk everywhere there.  Going to the grocery store that is 5 miles away?  Why not just walk?  Americans would freak out over that, but in England, their gas is almost 10 pounds, which in American dollars would be around $20 dollars.  I'm pretty sure if American gas prices went up to $20 a gallon, people would start walking everywhere as well!  She says that is why people from the UK are so skinny; they walk so much!

While there, the group had one day off from the camp, and that was when they got to travel to London.  While there, my sissy stopped at the Jubilee Market.  She said she saw the soaps and had to get some.  

She ended up getting a bar of soap and a bath bomb from a handmade bath and body company called Yorkshire Fragrance!

Yes, my innocent sister bought cannabis soap.  She got home and my mom was like "Brette, do you know what cannabis is?"  No clue.  She said she got that kind because it smelled the best!  Wonder how she got it through customs.

The bath bomb literally has the best smell.  I can't wait to take a bath!

Beautiful glycerin soap from England.  As my sister said, it does smell amazing.  And the bar is really cute!

I was so very excited to get soaps from a handmade soaper across the world!  What is the farthest distance that you have received soaps from?!

Have a Reviving Day!


  1. How fun!! I would say the farthest would have to be Australia. I've swapped with two different soapers over there, and they were both absolutely fabulous! Enjoy!

  2. Ooooo I wish she had come to Devon, I would have given her a whole lot of soaps to come back with. I hope she had a good time and liked England.

  3. Looks like your sister had blast. Young Life is very big here as well. That is so funny about her buying the Cannabis soap. What a hoot.


  4. What a sweet gift -and funny about the soap! Glad she had a great time doing some really great work. :)