Monday, April 11, 2011

Cut Cara!

Cut Cara Soap

Hey everyone!  Here are the anticipated pictures of my cut carrot and shea butter soap!  The other photos didn't turn out, so hopefully I'll be able to add more soon.

The soap is hardening very nicely.  I cut the bars into 3 oz. cubes, give or take.  They are really cute, with a soft orange color.  There is not really any scent to these bars which is what I wanted since it is a facial bar.  I haven't tested them yet, but after a few more days of curing I'll report on how well they performed on my face!  Hopefully they will be as nice as expected, and I'll be able to add them to my store.

Just found out I got a 98 on my economics test and a 85 on my science test.  Just proves that I'm cut out to be a business major!  I could do econ in my sleep :)

Have a Reviving Day!


  1. Perfect! I love the way they look. Love the cubes.

  2. Very nice! Your photo skills are as good or better than your econ skills! :)

  3. I keep having to come take a peek at that gorgeous carroty loveliness. Mmmmm!