Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Patchouli Soap

Hey bloggers!
At my last market, I had many people ask if I had any soaps scented with patchouli essential oil.  Well, I'm not much of a patch lover, so I had not come up with a blend I liked very much.  I have decided since so many people want soap with patchouli in it, I would try a few blends to see what my family and I liked the best.  I made 3 mixes.  One was lime, lavender, and patch.  The next was litsea, lavender, and patch.  And the last one was lime, tangerine, and patch.  After letting them sit for a few days, I let my family sniff them to see what they liked best.  The litsea, lavender, patch was the unanimous favorite!  However, I wasn't really that excited about making it since I'm not much of a patchouli lover...however, after I mixed the blend into the soap, it really does have a really nice, pleasant smell.  My sister had a few friends over the night after I had made the new patchouli soap, and everyone was asking her what smelled sooo good.  That's when I knew this new soap would be a hit!  

I colored the soap with dark blue and yellow.  I did a two color in the pot swirl, however, the yellow sorta took over the uncolored soap.  It was my first two colored ITPS, and I think it turned out great!  I did a drizzle-type topping (which I personally LOVE).  I think I am going to get some titanium dioxide(a natural white colorant) for my next batch- that way the main soap will stay white while allowing the yellow and blue swirls to *POP*  I think that would be a beautiful soap!  

Here are some pictures of my newest soap.  I do not have a name for it yet, so if you have any ideas, let me know!  I used 2 parts patchouli, 3 parts litsea, and 1 part lavender so the scent is a natural lemon-y, earthy, spicy scent and the lavender gives it a very slight sweet undertone.  

This is the 3lb test log.  It was so beautiful when I unmolded it.  I was so excited to get to cut the bars!

This is the top - beautiful!!!

Cut bars - The swirl turned out almost perfectly.  You can see though that the yellow took over the uncolored soap.  With titanium dioxide, hopefully that problem will be resolved.

And my new soap stamp!  I love this stamp that Bern made for me.  You can read about how to get your own stamp in my previous post!

If you have any name ideas, please leave them in the comments!  
I would love to have your input.

Also, check back to see some pictures of my Sweet Citrus batches unmolded, cut, and stamped in my next post!

Have a Reviving Sunday!!