Thursday, November 18, 2010

The doors are opening!

A common saying is, "When one door closes, another one opens."  The doors are definitely opening for Revive Bath and Body!

I currently only supply wholesale soaps to this one shop in South Carolina called Low Country Produce.  It's a great shop where you can buy handmade tomato sauces, jellies, pickles, and much more!  Well recently, their Sweet Potato Butter was featured in Oprah Magazine in Oprah's Favorite Things.  This caused a major rush of people into their store.  Dwight even told me he sold out of the stuff, and he was selling it just made, still in the jar, without even having a real label on it!  That's how busy they got the day after the O Mag came out.

If you would like to read an article about Low Country Produce, please follow this link:

While buying some Sweet Potato Butter, this one lady also picked up four bars of my soap.  She came back into the store a few days later and told Dwight, the owner, that he would like my information so she can contact me about carrying my soaps in her store!!!!!!

I have yet to talk to this lady about doing wholesale, but I'm just excited in the fact that someone else is actually interested in carrying my line of homemade soaps!  Ahhhhhhh I'm getting goosebumps!  the lady works at the Hilton Head Information Center, which is like the place you go to get info about the island and travel stuff.  So all of you South Carolinians and vacationers, get ready to see Revive Bath and Body in the information center!  

However, if it doesn't work out, I'm still so excited that someone actually wants to carry my product.  It is such an inspiration to get through college, get that degree in entrepreneurship, and get my business going.

Ahhhh!  Okay, well besides the fact I just got some of the most encouraging news ever, I also did a home show this past weekend!  This lady in Ben's neighborhood hosts a home show in her basement every November.  My mom has been selling her florals there for three years now, and with the start of my new business, I was invited to participate as well!  The show went really great - it was free so I made lots of profit, got my name even farther out there, and got a few Christmas orders!

Here are some pics from the show.  I just had a small one table sorta deal.

Also, Revive is having a BOGO sale with reduced shipping just in time for the holidays!
Buy 5 bars of soap, get the 6th one free.  $20 with reduced shipping at just $5.95.  Handmade soap is a great gift for anyone, including your mother-in-law, sister, coworker, or boss.  With this, you can get 6 gifts for just $25.95!

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Have a Reviving day :)


  1. Congratulatiuons!

    Your display looks great to at the home show.

    WIshing you continued success!

    Please stop by my blog today and enter the current giveaway.