Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let the countdown begin.

It's official!  I just received my packet with all of my show information in the mail.  Only 16 days until my first show!!  Talk about butterflies; I even had a dream about the show!

Well this past weekend, I did a mock set up of how I want my tent/display to be at the market.
What do you guys think?!  Inviting?

I got the old ladder at a garage sale, along with one of my tables.  My mom is letting me borrow the other table.  My church actually printed my banner for me so talk about cheap!  I got it done for $15.  What a steal!!

My sister also had a good idea, a bubble machine!  This will attract buyers, as well as keep kids entertained, what do you think?  I would have the machine on a small table in the front of my booth allowing the bubbles to blow out into the people walking by.  My neighbor has one that is battery-powdered, so maybe she will let me borrow it!!

My my, so many things have changed since the last time I posted a blog update!  Well firstly, I turned 19 on September 28th!  That's right, another year older.  

Last week I also had three tests, one paper, and one midterm.  Now ya know why I haven't updated in awhile?  Haha but good news, I got a 102 on my math test and an 83 on my political science test.  Not sure about my other grades, but so far so good!

I interrupt this message to bring you something totally awesome, something totally funny, and something you totally have to see!

Haha everyone needs to laugh and smile at least once a day :)

Gotta run!!  Let me hear all of your feedback about my display!  Any craft show tips or advice would be really helpful!

My next posting will be about a brand new item I am adding to Revive!  Keep a watch out!

Have a Reviving Day!!


  1. I think it looks great! I really like the ladder and I think, considering what you sell, the bubble machine is a great idea.

    Good luck!

  2. It looks fantastic! Your banner too!

    Love the little ladder.

    Thank you for posting on my blog thread.


    Following you. You had me at "church" :-)

  3. Love the display looks so inviting and really captures your brand. Looks fabulous!