Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Survived!!

Yes, I survived the first week of college!
But by survive I mean, I had to ask someone how to get to the third floor of the business building because I could not find the stairs...freshman.

I bought my books from the bookstore across the street from campus.  One of my books is online, and only one is hard back.  All of the rest are soft back.  But the total was $307 dollars!  Whatttttttttttt.  So all my readers could help me out by buying some of my products HERE!

Anyways, what a busy week!  Yesterday I came home, and went straight to work.  I was going to post a blog, but I ended up taking a nice long lavender milk bath that put me to sleep.  I slept walked out of the tub and into my bed and had the best night of sleep ever.  Whoever doesn't believe in aromatherapy should really use lavender essential oil after a log day of work!

I only have class Monday through Thursday, and I didn't have to work tonight.  So I came home and made a batch of soap!  Oh how I have missed you soap.  I took lots of pictures and am planning on posting a "how in the heck do you even make soap" post later when the soap finishes becoming soap!  But this is a new scent I am trying out.  It's a blend of coriander, fir, and pink grapefruit essential oils.  Its got a blend of woodsy but a hint of sweet.  It's so awesome!

I recently bought two awesome key chains from Amandamaetucker.  She has these great little penny key chains that she will stamp anything into!  So I got two, one for my boyfriend, Ben.  On one side, the pennies say LOVE and the other side it says 5.20 - thats the day we started dating or "official".  Whatever people call it these days.  She even found pennies from 2008, the year we started dating!  These are a great idea for anyone that needs a gift for someone.

Well tonight, my friends and I are going to the college ministry at my church.  I gotta run and get ready!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I recently put up a space where you can subscribe to my post by email!  It will send you an email whenever I make a new blog posting.  So sign up for that to continue to get great stories about.... Me!

Have a Reviving Day!


  1. The lavender milk bath powder looked too good to pass up :)

  2. awww, so cute... congrats on college!

  3. Thank you Vanessa for buying some lavender milk bath powder!

  4. I'm 21 entering 4th year of University so I know how it is!! Congrats and I'm following you- add to your connect! Good luck with your business, looks amazing so far! Good luck with sales and I wish you the sales fairy!

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  5. I am graduating May 2011. Use this to search for best price on textbooks and you can rent books at bookkrenter or chegg. Follow them on Facebook and they have coupons.

    Your shop looks really nice.

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  6. Your blog is awesome! I'm glad I found it :) Your products sound amazing, although most days I don't need any help falling asleep lol it still sounds great and I want to try hehe... but alas I'm in the same boat as you, just bought my books, quit my job to move here to Georgia, I feel the pain of needing money! :) But college is fun so far, and congrats on surviving week 1! :) :) :)

    Here is my blog if your interested... I'm trying to get in the habit of posting more... lol

  7. I feel your pain on the books, one of mine is online, and the other 4 are soft back...$505. My jaw still hurts it dropped so hard. I start school this coming Monday...wait TOMORROW. First time in 7 years. Wish me luck!

  8. Good luck!

    And thanks everyone for the advice. someone told me to sell books online at the end of the semester because you get a lot more money for them.